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  • Rough Logs (month/year);
  • Detailed Logs (fishing location/year);
  • Tide Location Analysis (per fishing location);
  • Tide Location / Tidal Strength Analysis (per fishing location);
  • Tide Location / Lunar Date Analysis (per fishing location).
  • Annual Catch Analogy (per fishing location)
  • A Daily updated "Recent Results" fishing report, AND,

Membership Includes:

  • A Daily updated "Recent Results" fishing report.
  • Full access to the log books of David Korsch and Predator Charters. The log books for Predator Charters start back in the spring of 1990, and there are also additional catch records from Davids early years of guiding for Vancouver Fish-on Guiding Services from 1986 to 1989, and his personal fishing records from as far back as the late 1970s.
  • The logs of Predator Charters are shown in several ways. Rough Logs show the date, location, time fished, and catch, and are compiled in tables for each month/year (e.g. June of 1998). They are a good way of quickly scanning what the fishing was like during a particular month.
  • In addition, the logs can be further broken down into very detailed information. Detailed Logs are tabled for each location during a given year with exception of the winter fisheries where the logs show from late September thru early April for a given location. These logs go into extreme detail, and include: where in the tide cycle (the tide location) the fish hit, the lure, depth, direction, weather, and strength of the tide.
  • Using information from the detailed logs, catches are plotted into tables and graphs which show what the best tide(s) and other conditions are to fish a given location. Catches are also plotted into a lunar table, which shows the best time(s) of the moon phases to fish, and how the weather can affect this.
  • An analysis of how the size of the tidal swing affects the bite is also included (e.g. the fish may hit at a different time in the tidal cycle when there is a 12 foot swing compared to a 3 foot swing).
  • New data and analysis will be added on an ongoing basis, and in the future, barometric pressure will be added into the historical data, and an analysis of its effects will be undertaken.
  • While some of the data analysis will be site specific, the trends related to weather, moon phase, and tidal strength will have applications everywhere.

The annual membership fee to access all of this information is only $49.95 Canadian. A membership password will be emailed to you upon payment approval.